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                                                        GLOBE_ EXCHANGE CLOSING CONFERENCE


                                                        The Institute of Economics, Association of Croatian Architects, Women's Zagreb

                                                         Antifascists Network (MAZ), Zagreb September 2023 - March 2024.

                                                       The conference was organised by the Croatian GLOB_Exchange Research Group,

                                                       choosing the format of six independent sessions/workshops as a kind of project’s

                                                       “processual” closure, which allows for the reflection on both rational and affective

                                                       aspects of researching the politics of non-alignment. The theme of each workshop is

                                                       the result of its organiser’s personal view on the projects' epistemic outcomes, as

                                                       well as of the group discussions on the methodology and results of our joint work

                                                       with Slovenian colleagues. Taken together, the workshops point to issues identified in

                                                       the course of investigations conducted at the GLOB_Exchange project, as those

                                                       deserving special attention, as are


  • the issue of race, racial blindness, and racism of cultural and communication patterns used both in particular national cultures (as, for example, in Socialist Yugoslavia) and within the ever-shifting spatial realm of the Non-Aligned Movement.

  • the position of culture and cultural policies within the overall politics of non-alignment in relation to the NAM’s investment in changing the imperialist world economic order (NIEO) and power relations in the field of global communications (NWICO).

  • social, political, and economic mechanisms of knowledge and technology transfer among the NAM-member countries

  • the issue of cultural, religious, political, and economic differences among NAM-member countries and of their reflection on the internal contradictions of the non-aligned project of postcolonial globalisation

  • structure, content, use, and addressees of the non-aligned cultural and artistic heritage and the question of (decolonial) practices of its contemporary museological and media presentation

  • complexity and vagueness of institutional and transnational policies for storage, access, and reuse of data in the field of digital humanities and the impact of these policies on the dissemination of knowledge about transcultural exchange and collaboration

Session / Workshop 1. Racialisation and contested cultural politics of non-alignment, 4 September 2023., The

Institute of Economics. Zagreb (allowed virtual attendance and discussion); Session organiser Paul Stubbs

Session Program: 

Paul Stubbs (The Institute of Economics, Zagreb session organiser)

                     Introductory Notes

Prof. Catherine Baker, University of Hull)

                    "Concreteness, Complexity and Conviviality. Researching the Everyday Politics of Race During and After the


Christian Guermatchi (artist, ICK Company, Amsterdam),

                    "Black Tito Addressing the Parliament of Ghosts", video projection and conversation with artists

Petra Matić (independent researcher and curator, Zagreb)

                    "Grad koji ima mir", film projection & conversation with director

Closing discussion: Paul Stubbs, Petra Matić, Ana Sladojević (independent theorist and curator, Belgrade), 

GLOB_Exchange team members

Session / Workshop 2. Non-alignment and New Information Order(s), 7 September 2023., The Institute of Economics, Zagreb (hybrid event, allowed virtual attendance and discussion); Session organiser Paul Stubbs

Session Program: 

Paul Stubbs (The Institute of Economics, session organizer),

         Introductory Note - "Non-alignment and New Information Order(s)" 

Ljubica Spaskovska (University of Exeter)

         "Decolonising global Governance. The Search of New Order and (Un)making of Sustainable development"

Sašo Slaček Brlek

          The Paradox of Self-Sufficiency and the Demise of NWICO: Exploring Internal Contradictions"

Closing discussion: Paul Stubbs, Ljubica Spaskovska, Sašo Slaček Brlek, GLOB_Exchange tema members

Session / Workshop 3. Socialisti Yugoslavia - "exporter" of knowledge to the Global South, 15 rujna 2023. association of Croatian Architects, Zagreb; Session organiser Tamara Bjažić Klarin

Session Programe:

Ljiljana Kolešnik (Institute of Art History, Zagreb)

           Introductory Note - "Objectives of CSF GLOB-Exchange project" 

Tamara Bjažić Klarin (Institute of Art History, Zagreb)

            Introductory Note - "Socialist Yugoslavia as "exporter" of knowledge to the Global South

Film projection, "IMS Žeželj. Sistem montažnog građenja na Kubi", (production: Centre for Scientific Research,

            Belgrade, 1967) 

Jelica Jovanović (independent researcher, Belgrade)

           "Prefabricated Solidarity: The IMS Žeželj System on Cuba"

Mojca Smode Cvitanović (Faculty of Architecture, Zagreb)

           "Ethiopian Architects - Yugoslav Students"

Closing discussion: Tamara Bjažić Klarin, Jelica Jovanović, Mojca Smode Cvitanović, GLOB_Exchange team members

Session / Workshop  4. Perspectives of Humanities Infrastructures, online session, 25 September 2023; Session  organiser Nikola Bojić

Session Programe: 

Ljiljana Kolešnik (Institute of Art History, Zagreb)

            Introductory Note - "Project GLOB_Exchange in the context of transnational digital art history"

 Nikola Bojić (Academy of Fine Arts, Zagreb)

           Introductory Note - "Question of Sustainability of Digital Infrastructures"

Hrvoje Stančić (Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Zagreb; InterPARES Trust AI project Executive Committee

           Member), "Development of Concept of e-trust"

Artur Šilić (Director at Efficode Systems d.o.o., Zagreb)

           "Enabling knowledge discovery as a means of data relevance"

Nicola Carboni (Postdoctoral researcher – Visual Contagions project, Lecturer at the University of Geneva)

           "Analyzing big visual data: challenges and perspectives"

Closing Discussion - Hrvoje Stančić, Artur Šilić, Nicola Carboni, Nikola Bojić, Ljiljana Kolešnik, GLOB_Exchange team           members

Session / Workshop 5. Alliances and Ruptures. The Non-aligned Movement and its Contradictions, 7 October 2023, MAZ (Women's  Zagreb Antifascists Network), Zagreb; Session organiser Sanja Horvatinčić

Session Programe

Ljiljana Kolešnik (Institute of Art History)

             Introductory Note - "Objectives of CSF GLOB_Exchange project"

Sanja Hirvatinčić (Institute of Art History)

             Introductory Note - "Critical Approach to Legacy of Non-alignment"

Jelena Đurejnović (University of Vienna)

             "A Shared Struggle? An Entangled History of Antifascism and Anticolonialism between Yugoslavia and the

              Postcolonial World"

Vladimir Kulić (Iowa State University, Ames)

              "Building the Non-Aligned Babel"

Behzad Khosravi Noori & Magnus Bärtås (Konstfack, Stockholm), "On Hospitality – ىليل راطعلا Layla Al Attar and Hotel Al

              Rasheed", (17') , film projection

Behzad Khosravi Noori (Konstfack, Stockholm)

              "Kaleidoscope of Allegiances. Iran's Perplexing Trace through NonAlignment in the Cold War Era"

Closing Discussion - Jelena Đurejnović, Vladimir Kulić, Behzad Khosravi Noori, Sanja Horvatinčić, GLOB_Exchange team members)

workshop recording


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