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Avant-garde magazine Zenit - network of editorial boards and contributors respective to each magazine issue from 1921 to 1924

Avant-garde magazine Zenit
New Tendencies social network 1961-1973

International art movement New tendencies' social network 1961-1965 

Diagram presenting art groups and art collectives participating in NT exhibitions between 1961 and 1965

New Tendencies - art groups and art collectives
Spatila presentation of New Tendencies dissemination
Coross-section of NT and NT-related exhibitions 1961-1965

Variant of Venn diagram presenting the cross section of the participants at NT exhibitions 1968 - 1973

Cross-section of NT exhibition participants 1968-1973

Soros Centre for Contemporary Art,  Zagreb (SCCA) social network generated by the exhibitions held during 1990s

presentation of network clusters 

Soros Centre for Contemporary Art, Zagreb, social network

Spatial distribution of the municipal museums holding collections related to antifascist resistance during the WW II

Municipal museums in Croatia holding collections on antifascist resistance - spatial distribution

Diagram presenting the most prominent authors of public monuments in Croatia between 1945 and 1990. Dimension of the circle relates to number of realized projects per each sculptor

Diagram presenting number of public monumnets from 1945-1990 / per author
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